Cultural Competence Training

Our new online training course

Working Across Language & Culture

equips your staff to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to work effectively with people from different cultures.

Many Australians are Born Overseas

The 2016 Australian Census tells us that 28% of Australians are born overseas with 27.3% of Australians speaking a language other than English at home.

This means Australians are from increasingly diverse cultural groups. It’s essential that your staff can work with all Australians, regardless of their background.

Working Across Language and Culture (WLC) is an online training course that gives your staff the key skills and knowledge to work with people from different cultures. It is practical, logical and creates genuine staff engagement through interactive multimedia activities.

The training works on desktop, tablet or mobile phone so your staff can complete the training on their preferred device.

The training gives practical strategies for reducing misunderstandings caused by culture or language, both with clients and internally. It sets a clear organisational agenda for cross-cultural practices and creates an opportunity for you to make these practices routine.


Australians Born Overseas

Why Cultural Competence Training?

  • Understand your clients’ needs and know how to respond
  • Deliver better service to diverse communities
  • Grow your client base
  • Create a unique competitive advantage
  • Prevent communication mistakes by understanding cross-cultural communication
  • Increase productivity by understanding and harnessing a diverse workforce

Grow youR organisation

  • Improve services to your clients
  • Improve communications
  • Reduce complaints

Grow/ develop your people

  • Attract new and different talent
  • Improve staff retention
  • Become an employer of choice

Expand your brand

  • Build a positive reputation
  • Improve market reach
  • Expand client reach

Support for management

  • Meet legal obligations
  • Improve OH&S
  • Improve workplace satisfaction

Features of the course:

Working Across Language and Culture has eight sections, featuring:

  • Interactive videos that simulate to cross cultural situations for participants
  • Engaging interactive activities
  • 1.5 hours of training content
  • Further reading and links
  • Knowledge and practical skills for cross-cultural situations
  • Frameworks for understanding culture at an organisational and individual level

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Some of our Clients

Since 1994, we have worked with hundreds of organisations to improve their work with migrants and refugees. Since 2016, we have trained over 8000 workers with our online training. Here’s what they have to say.

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Who Created This Course?

The Centre for Culture, Ethnicity & Health has developed this course.

The CEH training team used our 25 years of cultural competence experience to develop this training. We adapted our best activities, research and ideas into this online training. The result is a fun, clear and engaging training where your staff can practice skills and gain knowledge essential for working across language and culture.

Learn more about the Centre for Culture, Ethnicity & Health

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Learn more about the research that went into this course.

Siri Gunawardana

Siri has over 15 years of experience in migrant and refugee settlement, training and health promotion. Siri holds a Masters in Public Health, a Bachelor of Arts-Community Development, and Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training.

Jolyon Burford

Jolyon works with clients to create targeted training outcomes and develops and delivers CEH’s face to face and online training. Jolyon has worked with the community and education sectors for over 15 years. Jolyon has a Bachelor of Social Science, Diploma of Education and a Cert. IV in Training and assessment.

Spase Veljanovski

Spase has over 20 years’ experience in access and equity work and language services in mental health, local government and community health. He has experience in project management, research, evaluation and has previously managed a team in a community health centre. Spase has expertise in language services, organisational cultural competence and health literacy. He is a trainer and project worker in all these areas. Spase has a Bachelor of Arts (Multicultural Studies), Master of Public Health and Certificate IV, Training & Assessment.

What Do People Think of The Course?

“We are happy to have over 1500 staff training to improve cultural competence with CEH”


Vanessa Wiggenraad

Parks Victoria

“I found the course was really helpful as I work with people in a really diverse community. This training really helped me understand others at work and made me feel more confident in my communication. I liked completing it in my own time, too.”
Matt L

North Richmond Community Health

“We are honoured to be working with The Royal Children’s Hospital.This partnership will see 6000 staff undertake training to build on their existing knowledge and skills of working with refugee and migrant communities.”
Bernice M

CEH Co Manager

“This online training is an excellent introduction to CALD training and gets staff thinking a little more about the ways in which they can change their thinking to be more mindful of CALD interactions.”
Viki Spedding

Anglicare Victoria

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does cultural competency training help organisations?
  • Understand your clients’ needs and know how to respond
  • Deliver better service to diverse communities
  • Grow your client base
  • Create a unique competitive advantage
  • Prevent communication mistakes by understanding cross-cultural communication
  • Increase productivity by understanding and harnessing a diverse workforce
How is the training delivered?
This course is delivered online using our Learning Management System (LMS). This is a self paced course and can be completed at the learners convenience. On completion a certificate will be issued by the system.

Some organisations may wish to signup for a Branch setup for a small setup fee. Branch users will see a customised login page, your organisations logo and an admin user who can monitor your users progress.

For larger organisations with their own LMS we also offer access to our course SCORM files for uploading into your LMS.

Please call 03 9418 9927 or send us a message to discuss your needs and the most effective solution for your organisation.

How long does it take to complete?
This self paced course generally takes about 1.5 hours to complete. It has been designed to allow study at any time of the day. Participants can choose to leave and return to the course at a later time, with the knowledge that their progress is always tracked and saved.
Learners who complete the course on our LMS will receive a certificate of participation via email.
How much does the course cost?

For Organisations

The price depends on the number of people you are expecting to train. Organisations wishing to rollout Cultural Competence Training to more than 100 staff members, please contact us for special pricing and/or a customised solution.

For Individuals

For individuals the cost is only $45. You can purchase the course on our training portal. Access is automatically granted once payment via a credit card is made.

There are several payment options available for businesses and organisations – please contact us to discuss the best option for you.

Individuals wanting to access this course can purchase the course via credit card from here.
Please register and log into the online learning portal first.

How is the course managed?

For Organisations

  • Track employee participation and access reports
  • Customise training to align with strategic priorities
  • Access telephone and email support

For Individuals

  • Track progress throughout the course
  • Access telephone and email support
How is the course assessed?
There are interactive assessment activities throughout the course to provide feedback and reflection to the learner.  The course is marked as ‘Completed’ once the user has viewed all the content and completed the activities in the eight modules.
Do you offer evaluation?
CEH can support evaluation of learning  from the online module. CEH can provide you with questions to determine the level of learning and adoption of ideas over time. This can be negotiated with CEH at the point of sale and some planning, with us. Evaluation questions can be tailored to your needs.
What support do you offer?
Our highly experienced staff are here to assist you get the most out of this course. We can assist with general administration and technical issues as well as specific questions related to training and development.
How To Get started?
If you are looking for yourself, sign up for our short demo and get a sense of how the course is structured and delivered. Then purchase the full course on our learning portal. This will give you access to the full course with all eight sections.

If you are evaluating this course for your organisation, please contact us regarding a free trial and some advice on the suitability of this course for your needs.

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